SWADNU - Swaziland Democratic Nurses Union

The Union operates for the purposes of influencing Nursing, Health and Social Policy; improving the professional and socio-economic standards of nursing and ensuring competence in caring; encouraging and enhancing excellence in nursing practice, management, research and education; strengthening collaboration, networking and relations with other similar organizations locally, regionally and internationally.”

Aims and Protectives of SWADNU

  • To advance and defend the course of democracy and socialism in the workplace, community, country and internationally, particularly in the belief that only under a truly democratic system can trade unionism thrive and prosper.
  • To advance and defend the interests of workers in the nursing fraternity in respect of all matters of mutual interest between workers and employers in order to improve members’ standard of living.
  • To end all forms of oppression and exploitation of workers, and bring about policies of job security, as according to the Decent Work Campaign.
  • To continuously promote the spirit of trade union unity and solidarity amongst members of the union and amongst all workers irrespective of race, sex, gender or political affiliation, and to oppose any policy practice or measure which will cause division or disunity amongst members or workers.
  • To advocate for an improved Quality Public Health Delivery system, and the improved well-being of the entire population.
  • To be the sole negotiating body of nurses in the country.
  • To educate and empower members about their rights, and all matters of interest to the working class as a whole.
  • To participate in strengthening relations with similar other organizations locally, regionally and globally in the interest of the working class.
  • To use every legitimate means to recruit nurses to become members.
  • To establish and administer funds for the benefit of its members.
  • To borrow, invest, lend, subscribe or donate money for the furtherance of the objectives of the union.
  • SNA shall assist in the maintenance of the highest standards of nursing amongst all nurses.
  • To support, strengthen and empower the Swaziland Nursing Council.
  • To conduct, coordinate and publish research into matters affecting the nursing profession and working relations